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Hey Fatimah, Prospects are a lot different than actual people joining a service. I don’t know how Push Button Profits obtain their traffic, I learned about PBP through an email. People could be curious to see what it’s about, but it doesn’t mean they are interested. Making money online in a relevant way is important. What I suggest you do is to look at Wealthy Affiliate, check them out for free, go through their free 10 lessons and you should get a generalize way of how to properly make money from home. I tell people all the time that people should have their own website when they are building a business online. You can make money online through various niches it doesn’t have to be about making money online. Check them out no credit card needed to get the lessons, website and hosting. I’m sorry about your experience with Push Button Profits, I appreciate your thoughts that you expressed and I do wish you Many Blessings With lots of success, Evelyn.
The title of my review is “Push Button Profits – Misleading Scam?” so you are probably wondering why I would say that, and what exactly makes this a scam. On the face of things Push Button Profits and the business behind it (Traffic Authority) is not a scam. However I think it’s misleading and one could argue that it is actually a scam. Here’s why…. when you sign up to Traffic Authority (the business opportunity behind Push Button Profits) you are put through a series of training videos and steps which teach you about the business and how it’s important that you buy traffic so that you can build your business and also so you can resell the traffic packages to other people you refer.

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I "joined" yesterday for the $47 sign up only to find I am being charged for $977. In addition I have received 3 notifications from members who are advising me that my application has been approved? I never have submitted a application!. Pryor to yesterday these people had been sending me emails every week. I should have known you never get something for nothing, success requires hard work. I have notified them that I get my money back, but even that is difficult as no contact email appears on the website. be careful.
I was charged $144.00 by The Traffic Authority on one of my credit cards and I can’t find a way to contact them. This is not a charge that was authorized by me. I don’t know who you are or who the traffic authority is. Before I report fraud to my credit card company I would like to correct this. Please reply since I would rather not cause you any trouble.