Well after reading what you said I really feel like a fool. I wish I didn't believe people like I do I'm happy to hear I may get my $67 back I was only suckered into paying that actually thank God I hadn't gone to the bank they had me convinced. It really blew my mind when they kept coming back with more stories and asking for even more money to be apart of this exclusive club that I thought I just bought my ticket into I think they started out with 200 spots available and would end immediately well Lordy they told me that a day ago now it's up to 500 spots almost all filled up just doesn't make sense to be true. I guess my $67 bought me nothing? I'll be asking for a refund after this. Before I could even get this submitted they removed their emails like the thieves they are and whoever is submitting fake reviews just to confuse us even further shame! their has to be a way that a review a person leaves can be linked back to them to maybe deter false misleading advice. Thank you
I joined up in PBP. I have to admit. It was impressive at first. I pushed the button and bought a basic package for $220 and I got one sale resulting a $20 commission. Then I waited a couple of weeks to see if any more people would sign up underneath me or if someone would be “placed” underneath me by someone in my upline. (It’s supposedly a forced matrix!) Nope! Nothing! But it was so easy that I decided to try it again. This time I bought a silver package for $660 to see if a larger volume would make any difference. Immediately, peoples’ names and numbers started showing up. First., just a handful, but by the end of the day, I had a list of over 100 people by the end of the day. Wow, I thought! But when all was said and done, I got only one more sale for another $20 commission. Including the 2 charges of $144 plus the $220 plus the $660, I spent well over a grand for $40 in commissions. My advice! Stay away! They’re making tons of money on people’s desire to get out of debt. These same people, Jeff Gardner and Kit Elliot did the same thing to me in a scam they called Wealthworld about 5 years ago. When you see these names anywhere, stay away or you’ll get scammed! – Source beginatzero.com
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