Traffic Authority launched back in 2014 and it’s a business opportunity based around selling traffic. When you sign up you are put through a series of training videos and shown how to buy traffic packages to promote your new business and then how you can earn 50% commission reselling these traffic packages. Essentially when you buy the traffic you can choose to send it anywhere you want however the real goal is to send it back to your unique link for Traffic Authority because then when people sign up (just like you did for example) they will go through the exact same steps you did, buy traffic and then you’ll earn 50% on the traffic purchases they buy.

I’m using the auto trading feature right now and it seems pretty safe to me. I’ve already done my first withdrawal. Hoping to make more so I can buy a brand new 4k TV for my family which they have been requesting me from last 6 months…I couldn’t buy it unfortunately during Christmas as my budget was not prepared. But its never late…now I can!….I hope my family will understand 🙂
Hey Ke, the internet can be very unregulated. I call it the new frontier aka the new wild west. I try to let people know that they should look at what theses services are asking people to do before people decide to shell out any money. Such as jobs, jobs shouldn’t be asking people for a dime. Businesses you will need to invest your money. The Internet does allow people these days to start a business at a fraction of the cost. This is exciting times, yet wild times too, Lol.
The Push Button Profits System comes complete with capture pages and email follow-ups. What makes this different from a stand alone system is that there is real scarcity here. Most websites have a fake countdown timer tied to no real value. The Push Button Profits System has a countdown timer, and when it runs out, you miss out on the system’s bonus. That is real scarcity and you save quite a bit of money just from this countdown timer if you join before it runs out. That’s a tip to save you a lot of money right up front.
Not only am I going to give you a done for you lead machine, multiple done for you offers, done for you followup, and all of my top secret traffic sources, but I'm also going to give you access to my "Push Button Profits" swipe file... made up of the 100 most responsive e-mails I've EVER SENT, all tested and proven to convert leads into sales like clockwork. These are the EXACT same e-mails that accounted for all of my results in the video above, and the exact same e-mails I gave Jean Pierre. They're yours, ready to create profits with, starting later today.
During my journey it was the same as yours, everyone asking for money or more money, I would see ads like do you want to spend time with your family, do you want to take vacations, pay off debt you know all that blah, blah, stuff. I’m like who doesn’t want that! It got to the point that every time I read anything similar like that, I knew something was wrong.
Then they have a fake counter, counting down how many products are left, to give you a false sense of urgency so that you’ll buy their product without thinking about it for too long.  But even though they behave as though they are selling out of products incredibly fast, if you try to click away from their page they will give you My Push Button Profits for only $37 instead of $77.

My question to you is, how are they obtaining these clicks? If they are sending emails out to people and if that’s how they get these clicks is by using some sort of deception for people to click, where is the value in these really expensive clicks that people are suppose to pay for? In my opinion jobs and starting a business are two different things…Wow!

The program promises you to earn commissions by signing up for their system. For instance, you will earn a $16 commission each time your referral purchases Traffic Authority and a $40 commission every month for every sign up of your referral to the Traffic Academy. The tricky part is you will only earn the commission if you actually buy the reseller right. This makes marketing and selling the product to others quite difficult because of the overpriced program. While the company wants you to believe you are selling their products, the truth is you are made to do recruitments to other members in order to earn. This is actually not sustainable and not far from being a pyramid scheme. And in every fraudulent scheme such as this your “business” will not work in the long term.

Pushbutton profits is a total ripoff. I got in and bought a package. I had 2 emails telling me I had earned 10 dollars. I never saw that 20 dollars. Its all about them getting your money. They say all the work is done for you. Sounds so simple and it is simple.They take your money and you don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch your money disappear. SCAM SCAM SCAM. is yet another website trying to sell a “fully automated” work from home business.  The idea of a “fully automated” business is that you do nothing – except pay My Push Button Profits – and suddenly you receive a business prepared and ready to go, that will earn you vast amounts of money with very little time or effort on your part.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and confused? Have you ever felt as if you're being pulled in too many different directions at once? If so, the Profit Boosting Bootcamp is EXACTLY what you need, and is the solution to the problems listed above. Contained within is every tactic, strategy, and system I use in order to grow my business and create maximal results in minimal time, all packaged up in bitesized pieces of training designed to take you from point A to point B WITHOUT all the overwhelm.
Any “deceptive” emails, or other forms of marketing would likely be from other members trying to do their own marketing (likely to try and save money on the various lead packages that are offered). The company would have no control over this – all they do is sell lead packages via a well-known vendor who taps into the millions of opportunity seekers out there. It takes money, persistence and patience to make any business work. The only way to see if it works is to try for yourself – at least they have a money-back guarantee (except, I’m sure, from any lead packages purchased). They’re obviously geared to the “non-biz-savvy” niche, or those who have money, but no time to devote to their own biz. Good luck and blessings….
Hey Pamela, you’re very welcome. I did some deep researching and found a video that explains how their system works. I was shocked to find out that you would have to purchase a certain level of clicks in order to get paid for those clicks. I find that scamish because you are doing the work and brought in the customer, yet they are saying I’m sorry for this one you don’t get paid. I find that very unfair. Anyhow, I thank you for your thoughts Pamela and wish you many blessings, Evelyn.

The biggest problem by far that most people run into in the Online Marketing world is Overwhelm. It's brutal grips tear more would be Online Marketers down than anything else, and unfortunately, few ever escape it's brutal grasp. With personal one on one coaching, along with our step by step bootcamp training, your assured to stay out of overwhelm, and get into profit mode as quickly as humanly possible.

The sales video for Push Button Profits is amusing. It starts off with the idea that this is a ‘no bull’ presentation, one that doesn’t make any outlandish claims. Despite that, the site is filled with bold claims, as is the video. The banner above the video says that members earned more than $517,288 in a week. Testimonials make extraordinary claims too, like earning $52,300 in one weekend.