I fell for the SCAM of PUSHBUTTONPROFITS. IT IS A SCAM! I worked my ass off for 3 months creating my own traffic and also bought traffic….JUST TO HAVE ERIC STEAL my prospects! He was emailing MY prospect list. They are scammers and that’s how they do make money…from stupid people like me who are just trying to make a few extra bucks. I was so dedicated, I even bought a brand new computer and printer/scanner for my home business. THEY are SCAMMERS! I have proof and I am not afraid to “get it out there”!
Thanks for this insightful article. Read their ad and about five minutes in, I figured out that you had to buy the package, but there is no where on their sight that says you will have to pay for your clicks plus the monthly fee and if you wanted to move up a package, you would have to pay the full price for that. To start a business like this I would have to borrow money, so I am eternally grateful for your suggestions.
STEP 2 – Enter your email ID and make sure it is new or not used before on push button commissions website. Hit enter and on the next page, you will see a form to fill where you should enter the same email ID that you entered before but if you get an error or you already have an account at that broker website then do create & enter new email ID. You will need a new broker account in order to use it with push button commissions. Also make sure you enter your name and phone number properly in this form. 

This is where you will be making a lot more money by getting your own domain (or "dot com") to promote My Push Button Profits. Then, just use our landing pages on your domain OR make your own review pages containing your affiliate link inside. One of the key reasons to get your own domain is because search engines like Google only allow one unique domain for a keyword. With your own domain, this rule will not limit you. Now, you are guaranteed to get an ad placement and thus traffic!
Specialfxs69, I could not agree with you more!!! I was totally and completely RIPPED OFF by TJ Rohleder a few years ago by a direct mail program “Guaranteed” to make me thousands of dollars by selling me hot leads and providing a “great system.” I lost $1200.00 to TJ and despite MULTIPLE emails, phone calls, and letters to TJ and his staff: to this day I have yet to hear one word from them….AND he never refunded me a penny, despite my requests for full REFUND which had been “guaranteed”!!! I didn’t have the money to sue the scamming bastard but sure wished I could!! Eric Bec is TJ’s business i.e. scamming partner for many years. He also ripped me off!! DO NOT fall for these POS scammer’s “offers”!!! They steal your money and run! In fact, Eric Bec ran and is now hiding in Florida. He has moved to three different states in the last 2-3 years, undoubtedly to hide from the law. If you see any of these scammers names attached to anything: RUN LIKE HELL AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!!!! ‘Just my own experience with them and my own opinion.
Hey Everyone! I'm a Brazilian guy who loves traveling and discovering new cultures. For a long time, I thought I would have to get stuck in a 9-5 for the rest of my life. Luckily, I found the possibility of building an online business that allows me to work whenever and wherever I want! Click here to discover the exact same training and strategy I use to make money online and pursue my dreams.
You have a countdown timer that will save you money right off the bat, and then, once inside, there is an overview video. Watch that overview video and push the green button to turn on your traffic. It’s that simple. When your leads enter the system, the Push Button Profits call center will call and close your leads for you. You get 100% of the commissions.
Thomas, I had the same thing happen. I tried for weeks to get information on it with no luck. I contacted the bank and they had it blocked and refunded the charge. Then I joined PushButtonProfits and discovered that they use the same traffic place and that I needed it. But I had blocked it with my bank What a mess. I guess different internet companies use it and go ahead and sign us up without telling us. I got mine straight, hope you do too.
I have just read your review on Push Button Profits and couldn’t disagree with you more! The creators of Push Button Profits are Eric Bechtold,, Kit Elliott and Jeff Gardner and these three men have some of the highest integrity I n the online business today. They are not rip-off scam artists as they have been portrayed here and I take great offense at their names being dragged through the mud as they have here on your site. What their system does is it gets you qualified opt-in leads from people who have highly expressed an interest in making more money and starting their own business. The vast majority of people who have joined an online business and have failed is because of lack of traffic to their web site. Every online business needs traffic to survive. You can have the most beautiful web site and offer fantastic products but if you have only a few visitors to your web site then all you have is a beautiful web site and no money coming in becuz you have no traffic. That is what Push Button Profits does! It gives you the traffic that you need from qualified people that are also interested in making more money and each of these leads that you receive are now your new prospects and you need to follow-up with them with an email or phone call to give it that personal touch. The one man said that he bought 2 packages and got a lot of leads but I did not hear him mention anything about doing any follow-up with the 100 leads that he received. This is not Presto Magic push a button and the money starts rolling in and the creators do not claim this. What they do claim is that when you buy a Traffic Package at any level you will start getting clicks to your web site the number depending on how large the package is that you purchased and out of these clicks you WILL get leads that is people who will give you their name, address and phone number and you have a very valuable lead and you are starting to build your list which is very valuable in any online business becuz the money is in the list! What you are doing is using their advertising to advertise your web site to the publicand you spend no money on advertising whatsoever which is very expensive and you can lose a lot of money doing it yourself if you don’t know what you are doing. They spend millions of dollars on advertising and advertise in all of the most popular money making magazines becuz they are advertising geniuses and have created attention grabbing advertising that produces leads.
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In the beginning the jackass clearly specifies that they take care of everything! Then when they sucker you in to buying that 47, or 144 dollar package to get in, then you the real you get the real surprise! This thing is a joke just like all the rest. Get you in, steal your money, then good luck trying to get it back. False advertising! Just like all the other idiots! Don't waste your money. I'd like to meet that Bechtold asshole so I can punch him in the mouth1
If you are an experienced marketer who knows how to drive your own traffic then you could very well have success with this. After all I’ve seen first hand many people do this however will you really be comfortable selling something (e.g traffic) to other people that doesn’t actually convert and is massively overpriced? That’s really your call, and in this industry I see lots of people who are successful marketers make a ton of money promoting unethical products, but that doesn’t mean its right.

There are also shady issues that are very apparent from Push Button Profits. The testimonials on the sales page of their site may be also fake since they do not share the link from the alleged legitimate sources from which they came. The countdown counter is also tricky since it gives the website visitors a sense of urgency of signing up. If you will fall for this scheme you will be asked to pay the regular package price. If you click away from their site you will be offered a discount and pay for the regular package for $37 only. In addition, it is quite unrealistic to earn $13,000-$17,000 per month but Push Button Profits promises you to attain this kind of income simply by using its traffic generator system. In reality, pre-made websites hardly make money because the traffic sent to their site is not organic. Automated traffic are usually banned and not recognized by the search engine like Google. After signing up for their regular package you should expect to receive emails and customer service agents trying to sell you more expensive packages for upgrade and upsell.

Today we’re looking at Push Button Profits, the exciting new program that allows users to make some serious cash from home.  How does it work?  The Push Button Profit System is a one step system that includes an automated marketing system designed to make users money without the hassle of actually doing anything.  The process is pretty simple.  You sell the system to people, who you then sponsor to do the same.  Every time you sell, you get a percentage of that sale in commission.  On top of that, for every person that you “sponsor” you’ll get a cut of their commission too!
My Push Button Profits says that they are selling their business opportunity to just 200 people for $77, for a limited time.  For $77, you will receive 10 websites that can be set up by you – with no computer experience necessary – in five minutes.  These websites will sell a variety of products chosen by you, and all products are digital, so that there is no need for you to deliver anything to anyone or to be responsible for any merchandise.
Making money online all by yourself is no easy task. There are so many hurdles you need to jump over that it brings up the question: is it even worth it? Push Button Profits is an online system that attempts to take out the struggle of getting started. How? Well, Push Button Profits is already set up! It’s a proven system that many people around the world are using. The difficult start up steps are already done, and the program is ready to go. All you have to do to get started is click the image and follow the directions.

HI Nancy, when you earn the money do the brokers transfer it right away or you have to contact them and send Id and other stuff? and do you have there direct phone number that works? cuase there doesnt. and one last thing, do i have to worry that Adam said hell give his cellphone and email amd it seem like support dont know who he is? sorry for all the questions and thanks!

Thanks for your help. I joined this business at the $47 level. I could not get the $220 traffic until two weeks later. Six people join the prospect list but no money. now the first month is up the two weeks for the traffic will be up on Saturday. If I stay in until the traffic is done I will lose another $47. I really Don’t know what to do so I just canceled. I am still looking for a way to make money on line. So what do I do?

Hey Maria thank you so much for your compliment. I was skiddish when I saw Kitt Elliott, lol. Those fees can add up especially when you purchase solo ads, like you said on top of the fees you gotta pay to be a member. I personally feel that free traffic should be the starting point. Anyhow, I really appreciate your thoughts and expressing your experience. Many blessings to you Maria, Evelyn.
Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as "anticipate," "estimate," "expect," "project," "intend," "plan," "believe," and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance. Any and all forward looking statements in our materials are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. They are opinions only and should not be relied upon as fact. 

I saw the ad and they sure do make it seem impressive and the answers to what people are looking for. I could see how easily people would spend money, especially when someone gets their first sale. I could see how people would think it’s would be easy and a good investment to purchase a larger amount of clicks. I’m so glad you expressed your experience.
Push Button Profits is yet another money making opportunity trying to sell you a “fully automated” business opportunity. The idea of a “fully automated” business opportunity is that you pay Push Button Profits and you earn vast amounts of money with very little time or effort on your part. I hate to break it to you, but this type of business opportunity does not exist. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into Push Button Profits. Here is what I have found.

In my opinion, Push Button Profits is a recruiting scam.  You purchase a money making opportunity that sells you traffic to sell the money making opportunity you just purchased.  The people you sell to do the same thing.  Push Button Profits is a sales funnel that sells you Traffic Authority packages. There is almost no focus on retail sales.  The claims that are made to get you into this money making opportunity are deceptive and are not supported by the income disclaimer provided by Traffic Authority.  I would avoid the Push Button Profits money making opportunity.
STEP 2 – Enter your email ID and make sure it is new or not used before on push button commissions website. Hit enter and on the next page, you will see a form to fill where you should enter the same email ID that you entered before but if you get an error or you already have an account at that broker website then do create & enter new email ID. You will need a new broker account in order to use it with push button commissions. Also make sure you enter your name and phone number properly in this form.