Wouldn’t it be great if you could take in some extra cash on the side? Something that can get rid of money-related stress? With the Push Button Profits online system, you can start making money with ease. Have some debts that need to be paid? No problem. Trying to go on a nice, relaxing vacation? Push Button can make that a reality. If you start with the system today, you can work your way through the ranks, climb the ladder, and potentially make thousands. Get started with Push Button Profits by clicking the button below!

Hey Kelly, If you want a refund, I would suggest calling the people at Traffic Authority, their phone number is, (850) 745-2961. If you look at any of Push Button Profits disclaimer’s, on their disclaimer it redirects to Traffic Authority, so they are the people you would contact to get a refund. If you have any other questions Kelly, feel free to ask! All the best to you, Evelyn.

If you are an experienced marketer who knows how to drive your own traffic then you could very well have success with this. After all I’ve seen first hand many people do this however will you really be comfortable selling something (e.g traffic) to other people that doesn’t actually convert and is massively overpriced? That’s really your call, and in this industry I see lots of people who are successful marketers make a ton of money promoting unethical products, but that doesn’t mean its right.
As mentioned above, the entire Push Button Profits system is already set up. All you have to do to get started is watch the short video presentation and follow the step-by-step instructions on the website. The system comes with plenty of tutorials and guides to teach you the ins and outs of the various parts of the system. There is 24 hour support, so if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the number on the website. After seeing your bank account steadily rise, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try Push Button before!

In the beginning the jackass clearly specifies that they take care of everything! Then when they sucker you in to buying that 47, or 144 dollar package to get in, then you the real you get the real surprise! This thing is a joke just like all the rest. Get you in, steal your money, then good luck trying to get it back. False advertising! Just like all the other idiots! Don't waste your money. I'd like to meet that Bechtold asshole so I can punch him in the mouth1
HI Nancy, when you earn the money do the brokers transfer it right away or you have to contact them and send Id and other stuff? and do you have there direct phone number that works? cuase there doesnt. and one last thing, do i have to worry that Adam said hell give his cellphone and email amd it seem like support dont know who he is? sorry for all the questions and thanks!
WARNING: If you advertise on Google, we strongly urge you not to promote on keywords related to 'google' or 'adwords' or even having such phrases inside. Google does not like this just to keep their brand safe and may take away your account if you violate this. If you do want to use these keywords to profit - use them ONLY on Yahoo and MSN Bing but never Google. Got it?
The title of my review is “Push Button Profits – Misleading Scam?” so you are probably wondering why I would say that, and what exactly makes this a scam. On the face of things Push Button Profits and the business behind it (Traffic Authority) is not a scam. However I think it’s misleading and one could argue that it is actually a scam. Here’s why…. when you sign up to Traffic Authority (the business opportunity behind Push Button Profits) you are put through a series of training videos and steps which teach you about the business and how it’s important that you buy traffic so that you can build your business and also so you can resell the traffic packages to other people you refer.
The program promises you to earn commissions by signing up for their system. For instance, you will earn a $16 commission each time your referral purchases Traffic Authority and a $40 commission every month for every sign up of your referral to the Traffic Academy. The tricky part is you will only earn the commission if you actually buy the reseller right. This makes marketing and selling the product to others quite difficult because of the overpriced program. While the company wants you to believe you are selling their products, the truth is you are made to do recruitments to other members in order to earn. This is actually not sustainable and not far from being a pyramid scheme. And in every fraudulent scheme such as this your “business” will not work in the long term.
The Push Button Profits System comes complete with capture pages and email follow-ups. What makes this different from a stand alone system is that there is real scarcity here. Most websites have a fake countdown timer tied to no real value. The Push Button Profits System has a countdown timer, and when it runs out, you miss out on the system’s bonus. That is real scarcity and you save quite a bit of money just from this countdown timer if you join before it runs out. That’s a tip to save you a lot of money right up front.
Thanks for your help. I joined this business at the $47 level. I could not get the $220 traffic until two weeks later. Six people join the prospect list but no money. now the first month is up the two weeks for the traffic will be up on Saturday. If I stay in until the traffic is done I will lose another $47. I really Don’t know what to do so I just canceled. I am still looking for a way to make money on line. So what do I do?
I have to speak here….Eric Bec ( I like to call Duck before you get sucked) stole $3995 from me with his connection with Mr. Kansas himself (T.J. Rohleder) in a big direct mailing scam about 10 years ago. He was selling worthless traffic then. Not one sale but a guaranteed 1% was the “hitch” that he was pitching. Not one single sale and when contacting his so called support, I was told that my mailing had not even gone out on my behalf…..4 months in!!!! Total scam bucket. I don’t know how these guys get away with things but Eric B. was told he could make more money with his hype online and get the speed of the internet on his side and apparently those that don’t know better are falling for it. I been in this industry for a long time and these guys name come up….I run in the opposite direction and stay clear of the smell it leaves. OH my goodness….and High Traffic Academy!!!!! Vick S. stole $5k from me in Abunza….talk about two scammers….making money off others desire and their weaknesses. Shameful!!!!
MyPushButtonProfits.com is yet another website trying to sell a “fully automated” work from home business.  The idea of a “fully automated” business is that you do nothing – except pay My Push Button Profits – and suddenly you receive a business prepared and ready to go, that will earn you vast amounts of money with very little time or effort on your part.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could take in some extra cash on the side? Something that can get rid of money-related stress? With the Push Button Profits online system, you can start making money with ease. Have some debts that need to be paid? No problem. Trying to go on a nice, relaxing vacation? Push Button can make that a reality. If you start with the system today, you can work your way through the ranks, climb the ladder, and potentially make thousands. Get started with Push Button Profits by clicking the button below!

Not only am I going to teach you how I effortlessly drive hoards of targeted traffic, on demand, I'm also going to GIVE YOU all of my top performing, tested and proven traffic sources that create sales and profits for me and my business like clockwork. Just finding and using these few traffic sources is what largely got my business to six figures, and are what catapulted me to the status of "super affiliate".They're yours, instantly ready, as soon as later today.
I was truly hoping to start this system at hope to help me earn some extra money to send my son to collage without him having to take all kinds student loans. I paid the $47 dollars to start. What a joke!!!!!they send you a link to get started and when you go to that link, its just more paid advertising. There was no link to "All ready a member" I'm so disappointed in all these people that sell FALSE hope to people that REALLY need the extra help. So YES this is a TOTAL SCAM
Well after reading what you said I really feel like a fool. I wish I didn't believe people like I do I'm happy to hear I may get my $67 back I was only suckered into paying that actually thank God I hadn't gone to the bank they had me convinced. It really blew my mind when they kept coming back with more stories and asking for even more money to be apart of this exclusive club that I thought I just bought my ticket into I think they started out with 200 spots available and would end immediately well Lordy they told me that a day ago now it's up to 500 spots almost all filled up just doesn't make sense to be true. I guess my $67 bought me nothing? I'll be asking for a refund after this. Before I could even get this submitted they removed their emails like the thieves they are and whoever is submitting fake reviews just to confuse us even further shame! their has to be a way that a review a person leaves can be linked back to them to maybe deter false misleading advice. Thank you
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Push Button Profits is misleading right from the beginning. The site is simply a sales funnel for Traffic Authority and is filled with all the same wild claims. The underlying idea simply doesn’t work. Users need to invest a significant amount for the chance to earn. Systems like this rarely work in practice and they’re far too expensive. Why even bother, when many other affiliate programs are free to join?