If you are an experienced marketer who knows how to drive your own traffic then you could very well have success with this. After all I’ve seen first hand many people do this however will you really be comfortable selling something (e.g traffic) to other people that doesn’t actually convert and is massively overpriced? That’s really your call, and in this industry I see lots of people who are successful marketers make a ton of money promoting unethical products, but that doesn’t mean its right.
Thanks for this insightful article. Read their ad and about five minutes in, I figured out that you had to buy the package, but there is no where on their sight that says you will have to pay for your clicks plus the monthly fee and if you wanted to move up a package, you would have to pay the full price for that. To start a business like this I would have to borrow money, so I am eternally grateful for your suggestions.
If there is such thing as a push button to climb your way up for financial freedom everyone will definitely grab it. This is the concept that the Push Button Profits tries to take advantage when it offers an income opportunity through its multi-level marketing scheme. Just imagine the excitement of anyone knowing that there is such a system that could provide them an income opportunity through some few easy steps. If you are wondering Is Push Button Profits a scam? here’s what I think. 

Not only am I going to teach you how I effortlessly drive hoards of targeted traffic, on demand, I'm also going to GIVE YOU all of my top performing, tested and proven traffic sources that create sales and profits for me and my business like clockwork. Just finding and using these few traffic sources is what largely got my business to six figures, and are what catapulted me to the status of "super affiliate".They're yours, instantly ready, as soon as later today. 

WARNING: If you advertise on Google, we strongly urge you not to promote on keywords related to 'google' or 'adwords' or even having such phrases inside. Google does not like this just to keep their brand safe and may take away your account if you violate this. If you do want to use these keywords to profit - use them ONLY on Yahoo and MSN Bing but never Google. Got it?
I fell for the SCAM of PUSHBUTTONPROFITS. IT IS A SCAM! I worked my ass off for 3 months creating my own traffic and also bought traffic….JUST TO HAVE ERIC STEAL my prospects! He was emailing MY prospect list. They are scammers and that’s how they do make money…from stupid people like me who are just trying to make a few extra bucks. I was so dedicated, I even bought a brand new computer and printer/scanner for my home business. THEY are SCAMMERS! I have proof and I am not afraid to “get it out there”!
Hey Emerald, I got an email that appeared to be a job, turns out it’s an MLM business. What kind of black hat Harry Potter mess is that, just saying. I also listed jobs that people can do that I don’t make a dime from. So tell what is shameful, There are too many deceptive info going on online. PBP service is asking people for a lot of money for some clicks. I know that people don’t need to shell out over $8,000 dollars for some clicks, this is ridiculous. In the end, people will do what they want to do. Also, what kind of SEO crap is going on when people say all over the net that this and that work and it doesn’t. Shameful! Have a nice day Emerald.
Literally every top earner who has been a part of Traffic Authority has had success by driving their own traffic either via their own methods such as Facebook Ads, solo ads or most likely their own email lists. They have not had success from buying the Traffic Authority traffic packages. Unfortunately like I mentioned newbies don’t know this and they get sucked into it. And that’s why I’m calling it out as a misleading scam because whilst the premise is good it never actually works out because of the traffic quality. In my opinion this makes Push Button Profits (Traffic Authority) no better than the likes of 21 Step Millionaire Coach or Online Profits Breakthrough which also mislead people into joining a business opportunity.
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Based on its marketing the Push Button Profits is another fully automated business opportunity with the concept of simply using the system to help you earn an income with less work and effort on your part. It basically offers an affiliate program that gives you two package options, the Starter Package worth $47/month and the Top Earner Package at $144/month. The product is offered by Traffic Authority, a known multi-level marketing company that sells traffic to a website. The product comes with training tools for potential online marketers. The Push Button Profits focuses on recruiting more people to sign up to the system, thus most of the time is considered to be an unsustainable business. While the program offers high quality traffic to its subscribers in just a few clicks, there is no detailed explanation on how the system will work in traffic generation on your site.

I fully agree Armando. This basterds should be sued and charged for false advertising. My mother was scammed by a similar site and lost all her savings, money which was earmarked for me, my brother and my sister and to pay for her funeral which she didn't want to burden her kids with. These people are scum with no empathy or caring for the people they target. If I had my way I'd have them hung

Any “deceptive” emails, or other forms of marketing would likely be from other members trying to do their own marketing (likely to try and save money on the various lead packages that are offered). The company would have no control over this – all they do is sell lead packages via a well-known vendor who taps into the millions of opportunity seekers out there. It takes money, persistence and patience to make any business work. The only way to see if it works is to try for yourself – at least they have a money-back guarantee (except, I’m sure, from any lead packages purchased). They’re obviously geared to the “non-biz-savvy” niche, or those who have money, but no time to devote to their own biz. Good luck and blessings….

Theses 3 men have over 100 years of successful online marketing and all have built huge successful businesses on their own and what they have done is to combine all of their talents together and have created Push Button Profits that gets people qualified leads to build their business and you can direct the leqads that you receive to any business that you desire becuz they are your leads and you own them. Now they don’t guarantee that you leads will produce sales. They can’t becuz they can’t predict that nobody can. It’s not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. It’s all a numbers game. It takes work, persistence, integrity and many other things. Another thing that the one man mention is that they give you a whole slew of online training. There is a whole Trtaining Course after you join that they teach you how to successfully market your new business and give you many different ways to do it. And people are making a lot of money with this program and I repeat it’s NOT a scam or a rip-off!

You can either use the push button commissions software manually or select the auto trading feature of pushbuttoncommissions. If you go for manual trading all you have to do is choose from the current available positions recommended to you by the system, either CALL or PUT, and submit your choice. The recommendations are given based on an advanced algorithm, which submits reliable signals in real-time on the main underlying assets from across all global markets.
Not only will I teach you EXACTLY how to setup your own lead machine in the profit boosting bootcamp, I'm also going to GIVE YOU my done for you lead machine that's tested and proven to convert traffic into leads at 49%+, yours ready to use as your own starting as soon as tomorrow! This is the exact lead machine I used to generate over 50,000 leads last year, it's yours instantly ready.
Hey Fatimah, Prospects are a lot different than actual people joining a service. I don’t know how Push Button Profits obtain their traffic, I learned about PBP through an email. People could be curious to see what it’s about, but it doesn’t mean they are interested. Making money online in a relevant way is important. What I suggest you do is to look at Wealthy Affiliate, check them out for free, go through their free 10 lessons and you should get a generalize way of how to properly make money from home. I tell people all the time that people should have their own website when they are building a business online. You can make money online through various niches it doesn’t have to be about making money online. Check them out no credit card needed to get the lessons, website and hosting. I’m sorry about your experience with Push Button Profits, I appreciate your thoughts that you expressed and I do wish you Many Blessings With lots of success, Evelyn. 

WARNING: If you advertise on Google, we strongly urge you not to promote on keywords related to 'google' or 'adwords' or even having such phrases inside. Google does not like this just to keep their brand safe and may take away your account if you violate this. If you do want to use these keywords to profit - use them ONLY on Yahoo and MSN Bing but never Google. Got it?
My question to you is, how are they obtaining these clicks? If they are sending emails out to people and if that’s how they get these clicks is by using some sort of deception for people to click, where is the value in these really expensive clicks that people are suppose to pay for? In my opinion jobs and starting a business are two different things…Wow!
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