There are also shady issues that are very apparent from Push Button Profits. The testimonials on the sales page of their site may be also fake since they do not share the link from the alleged legitimate sources from which they came. The countdown counter is also tricky since it gives the website visitors a sense of urgency of signing up. If you will fall for this scheme you will be asked to pay the regular package price. If you click away from their site you will be offered a discount and pay for the regular package for $37 only. In addition, it is quite unrealistic to earn $13,000-$17,000 per month but Push Button Profits promises you to attain this kind of income simply by using its traffic generator system. In reality, pre-made websites hardly make money because the traffic sent to their site is not organic. Automated traffic are usually banned and not recognized by the search engine like Google. After signing up for their regular package you should expect to receive emails and customer service agents trying to sell you more expensive packages for upgrade and upsell. 

I saw the ad and they sure do make it seem impressive and the answers to what people are looking for. I could see how easily people would spend money, especially when someone gets their first sale. I could see how people would think it’s would be easy and a good investment to purchase a larger amount of clicks. I’m so glad you expressed your experience.
Thank you Evelyn for your honest review of this program, I love reading your reviews, I’m not so easy to join these opportunities because I know they do NOT tell ALL in their sales pitch. And when I saw Devon Brown as one of their testimonials that made me even more skiddish. I joined 2 of his programs before and you pay monthly fees plus his people to sell for you plus you have to buy solo ads that’s his main source of traffic is PAID traffic. I made money with him but I also lost money with him, so just saying thank you so much again for your due diligence, soo much appreciated.
I’m one of those people, that after 23 years with a company, I was laid off due to the company being sold and moving out of state. I have children of ages that require daycare and unfortunately I only have a high school diploma. It took me 15 years and several promotions within that company to even start to make decent, not necessarily good, but decent money.
I started this website because I enjoy looking for ways to make money online. I learned from researching online that finding the right business is like finding the right ONE. We don’t want NO lying, NO cheating and NO up-sells. These businesses are always wanting you to join their business. Just like any first date, the business should fork the bill. What I mean is that there should be a free version. Stay safe, keep your money in the bank and don’t be too easy.
In the world of online business opportunities, someone is always trying to convince you that it can be easier than you ever thought possible! That you can have the luxury lifestyle you have always wanted! And that you can have it all for what seems like next to nothing! You don’t even have to work for it! I think we are looking at another one of these things today. What is Push Button Profits? Is it a NEW do it all for you system to wealth? Let’s find out!
Hey Everyone! I'm a Brazilian guy who loves traveling and discovering new cultures. For a long time, I thought I would have to get stuck in a 9-5 for the rest of my life. Luckily, I found the possibility of building an online business that allows me to work whenever and wherever I want! Click here to discover the exact same training and strategy I use to make money online and pursue my dreams.
I’m using the auto trading feature right now and it seems pretty safe to me. I’ve already done my first withdrawal. Hoping to make more so I can buy a brand new 4k TV for my family which they have been requesting me from last 6 months…I couldn’t buy it unfortunately during Christmas as my budget was not prepared. But its never late…now I can!….I hope my family will understand 🙂
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For that matter, every affiliate for Traffic Authority is meant to be buying this traffic. Most will then use it to try and get sales. This means that the same general audience will probably be getting similar pitches over and over again. That pattern dramatically reduces the odds that you’ll make sales. Honestly, the potential was never very high to begin with.
I joined up in PBP. I have to admit. It was impressive at first. I pushed the button and bought a basic package for $220 and I got one sale resulting a $20 commission. Then I waited a couple of weeks to see if any more people would sign up underneath me or if someone would be “placed” underneath me by someone in my upline. (It’s supposedly a forced matrix!) Nope! Nothing! But it was so easy that I decided to try it again. This time I bought a silver package for $660 to see if a larger volume would make any difference. Immediately, peoples’ names and numbers started showing up. First., just a handful, but by the end of the day, I had a list of over 100 people by the end of the day. Wow, I thought! But when all was said and done, I got only one more sale for another $20 commission. Including the 2 charges of $144 plus the $220 plus the $660, I spent well over a grand for $40 in commissions. My advice! Stay away! They’re making tons of money on people’s desire to get out of debt. These same people, Jeff Gardner and Kit Elliot did the same thing to me in a scam they called Wealthworld about 5 years ago. When you see these names anywhere, stay away or you’ll get scammed! – Source
Hi there my name is Maria and I just wanted to shoot a testimonial for Misha Wilson and his accelerated Results mentors training program.  I’ve been trying to make money online for about 3 months now and haven’t had any success so I signed up for Elite Marketing Pro with Misha and got signed up for his accelerated results mentorship course at the same time about 2 weeks ago.  And 3 days later misha  got on skype and gave me an hour long business consultation that was tremendous.  He gave me a lot of helpful information and was very nice.  And more importantly after following his advice I’ve made 3 elite marketing pro sales to earn my firest $360 in commissions and I’m definitely gonna keep doing what Misha says because I’m totally excited to move forward.  Thanks for your help Misha.
Hey Pamela, you’re very welcome. I did some deep researching and found a video that explains how their system works. I was shocked to find out that you would have to purchase a certain level of clicks in order to get paid for those clicks. I find that scamish because you are doing the work and brought in the customer, yet they are saying I’m sorry for this one you don’t get paid. I find that very unfair. Anyhow, I thank you for your thoughts Pamela and wish you many blessings, Evelyn.