Perhaps the most significant problem with Traffic Authority is the pay-to-play nature. This is the one area that you can’t really work around. Basically, you can only earn commissions from things that you’ve purchased yourself, just like with the failed product Traffic Monsoon. If you want a commission on all of the traffic packages, you need to buy the $8,397 one yourself. Otherwise, someone else will earn if you make a sale. The same is true for the other services, which both have monthly fees.
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If income projections were presented to you prior to your enrollment, such projections are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through your participation in the Compensation Plan. These income projections should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Success with Traffic Authority results only from hard work, dedication, and leadership. – Source
That’s my goal in the next 12 months — and I’m well on my way! Every month, my staff prints commission checks (just like the one at the top of this letter) and mails them to people all over the United States who are working with me. We’ve already mailed out TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN CHECKS – and we’re quickly approaching $100,000.00 in Commissions – mailed to our “Members”.