You have a countdown timer that will save you money right off the bat, and then, once inside, there is an overview video. Watch that overview video and push the green button to turn on your traffic. It’s that simple. When your leads enter the system, the Push Button Profits call center will call and close your leads for you. You get 100% of the commissions.
Thanks for your help. I joined this business at the $47 level. I could not get the $220 traffic until two weeks later. Six people join the prospect list but no money. now the first month is up the two weeks for the traffic will be up on Saturday. If I stay in until the traffic is done I will lose another $47. I really Don’t know what to do so I just canceled. I am still looking for a way to make money on line. So what do I do?
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Well after reading what you said I really feel like a fool. I wish I didn't believe people like I do I'm happy to hear I may get my $67 back I was only suckered into paying that actually thank God I hadn't gone to the bank they had me convinced. It really blew my mind when they kept coming back with more stories and asking for even more money to be apart of this exclusive club that I thought I just bought my ticket into I think they started out with 200 spots available and would end immediately well Lordy they told me that a day ago now it's up to 500 spots almost all filled up just doesn't make sense to be true. I guess my $67 bought me nothing? I'll be asking for a refund after this. Before I could even get this submitted they removed their emails like the thieves they are and whoever is submitting fake reviews just to confuse us even further shame! their has to be a way that a review a person leaves can be linked back to them to maybe deter false misleading advice. Thank you 

STEP 2 – Enter your email ID and make sure it is new or not used before on push button commissions website. Hit enter and on the next page, you will see a form to fill where you should enter the same email ID that you entered before but if you get an error or you already have an account at that broker website then do create & enter new email ID. You will need a new broker account in order to use it with push button commissions. Also make sure you enter your name and phone number properly in this form.
The program promises you to earn commissions by signing up for their system. For instance, you will earn a $16 commission each time your referral purchases Traffic Authority and a $40 commission every month for every sign up of your referral to the Traffic Academy. The tricky part is you will only earn the commission if you actually buy the reseller right. This makes marketing and selling the product to others quite difficult because of the overpriced program. While the company wants you to believe you are selling their products, the truth is you are made to do recruitments to other members in order to earn. This is actually not sustainable and not far from being a pyramid scheme. And in every fraudulent scheme such as this your “business” will not work in the long term.
My question to you is, how are they obtaining these clicks? If they are sending emails out to people and if that’s how they get these clicks is by using some sort of deception for people to click, where is the value in these really expensive clicks that people are suppose to pay for? In my opinion jobs and starting a business are two different things…Wow!
Once a month you'll get access to me personally. We'll get on a hangout, and I'll critique everything you've got going on in your business. I'll let you know exactly what you're doing well, and exactly what needs changing. After going through the bootcamp, chances are that you'll be just one or two tweaks away from extreme levels of success, and this is where we’ll make those tweaks. This is the only place where you'll be able to get personal access to me other than joining my $4,997/Year Inner Circle, and is most often times where our members see their biggest breakthroughs.
In my opinion, Push Button Profits is a recruiting scam.  You purchase a money making opportunity that sells you traffic to sell the money making opportunity you just purchased.  The people you sell to do the same thing.  Push Button Profits is a sales funnel that sells you Traffic Authority packages. There is almost no focus on retail sales.  The claims that are made to get you into this money making opportunity are deceptive and are not supported by the income disclaimer provided by Traffic Authority.  I would avoid the Push Button Profits money making opportunity.
The Push Button Profits System comes complete with capture pages and email follow-ups. What makes this different from a stand alone system is that there is real scarcity here. Most websites have a fake countdown timer tied to no real value. The Push Button Profits System has a countdown timer, and when it runs out, you miss out on the system’s bonus. That is real scarcity and you save quite a bit of money just from this countdown timer if you join before it runs out. That’s a tip to save you a lot of money right up front.
I was charged $144.00 by The Traffic Authority on one of my credit cards and I can’t find a way to contact them. This is not a charge that was authorized by me. I don’t know who you are or who the traffic authority is. Before I report fraud to my credit card company I would like to correct this. Please reply since I would rather not cause you any trouble.