This sounds great, and it makes perfect sense. The problem is when you actually start doing this you’ll soon realise that the traffic you are buying sucks and is ridiculously expensive. Yes you will earn 50% commission on the traffic that other people buy however there is a huge problem with this and I personally found this to be true when I was a member of Traffic Authority back when they launched a couple of years ago. The problem is the traffic is massively overpriced and the successful affiliates inside of Traffic Authority are NOT using this same traffic to actually drive signups and grow their business. So what actually happens is newbies perhaps like yourself who don’t know any better come in, buy the traffic packages assuming that they are going to get high quality traffic that converts, but they actually get sub-par traffic that’s overpriced and doesn’t even work as advertised.
Push Button Profits is misleading right from the beginning. The site is simply a sales funnel for Traffic Authority and is filled with all the same wild claims. The underlying idea simply doesn’t work. Users need to invest a significant amount for the chance to earn. Systems like this rarely work in practice and they’re far too expensive. Why even bother, when many other affiliate programs are free to join? 

Hey Maria thank you so much for your compliment. I was skiddish when I saw Kitt Elliott, lol. Those fees can add up especially when you purchase solo ads, like you said on top of the fees you gotta pay to be a member. I personally feel that free traffic should be the starting point. Anyhow, I really appreciate your thoughts and expressing your experience. Many blessings to you Maria, Evelyn.

Based on its marketing the Push Button Profits is another fully automated business opportunity with the concept of simply using the system to help you earn an income with less work and effort on your part. It basically offers an affiliate program that gives you two package options, the Starter Package worth $47/month and the Top Earner Package at $144/month. The product is offered by Traffic Authority, a known multi-level marketing company that sells traffic to a website. The product comes with training tools for potential online marketers. The Push Button Profits focuses on recruiting more people to sign up to the system, thus most of the time is considered to be an unsustainable business. While the program offers high quality traffic to its subscribers in just a few clicks, there is no detailed explanation on how the system will work in traffic generation on your site.
Moreover, some find the product marketing as deceptive considering that you are made to sign up for services and tools that you can actually avail for free online. However, what you are actually paying for is the right to resell their products. The subscribers also need to purchase traffic packages which are extremely expensive. Its Diamond Package for instance will let you subscribe for 8,100-8,400 clicks for $8397! You will then choose which sales funnel you want the traffic to be directed. You will get more income with more clicks to your website which shows high traffic that brings more visitors to your site. Then there’s the Traffic Academy which costs another $97 if you want to have training on internet marketing and reseller rights for their products. This is on top of the additional costs it will take you for website builder and the cost for site hosting.
The push button commissions is a completely web based platform which is free to join. All you have to do is enter your email and fill a small form to open broker account provided to you. The system automatically connects with the broker assigned to you and performs the trade. If you already have an account at that broker website, you can’t connect the software with it manually. You will have to create a new account again with a new email ID on that broker website.
STEP 2 – Enter your email ID and make sure it is new or not used before on push button commissions website. Hit enter and on the next page, you will see a form to fill where you should enter the same email ID that you entered before but if you get an error or you already have an account at that broker website then do create & enter new email ID. You will need a new broker account in order to use it with push button commissions. Also make sure you enter your name and phone number properly in this form.
I’ve been in your shoes. My job moved as well a while back when my babies were little babies at the time. Their teens now, but their still my babies. I would spend a lot of time searching for jobs at home. Finding jobs at home is a very difficult task. Legit jobs from home wouldn’t even bother sending an email or texting anyone because the word of mouth would eat up those jobs like chocolate cake, Lol.

I joined up in PBP. I have to admit. It was impressive at first. I pushed the button and bought a basic package for $220 and I got one sale resulting a $20 commission. Then I waited a couple of weeks to see if any more people would sign up underneath me or if someone would be “placed” underneath me by someone in my upline. (It’s supposedly a forced matrix!) Nope! Nothing! But it was so easy that I decided to try it again. This time I bought a silver package for $660 to see if a larger volume would make any difference. Immediately, peoples’ names and numbers started showing up. First., just a handful, but by the end of the day, I had a list of over 100 people by the end of the day. Wow, I thought! But when all was said and done, I got only one more sale for another $20 commission. Including the 2 charges of $144 plus the $220 plus the $660, I spent well over a grand for $40 in commissions. My advice! Stay away! They’re making tons of money on people’s desire to get out of debt. These same people, Jeff Gardner and Kit Elliot did the same thing to me in a scam they called Wealthworld about 5 years ago. When you see these names anywhere, stay away or you’ll get scammed!
Hey Kelly, If you want a refund, I would suggest calling the people at Traffic Authority, their phone number is, (850) 745-2961. If you look at any of Push Button Profits disclaimer’s, on their disclaimer it redirects to Traffic Authority, so they are the people you would contact to get a refund. If you have any other questions Kelly, feel free to ask! All the best to you, Evelyn.
Making money online all by yourself is no easy task. There are so many hurdles you need to jump over that it brings up the question: is it even worth it? Push Button Profits is an online system that attempts to take out the struggle of getting started. How? Well, Push Button Profits is already set up! It’s a proven system that many people around the world are using. The difficult start up steps are already done, and the program is ready to go. All you have to do to get started is click the image and follow the directions.
This is where you will be making a lot more money by getting your own domain (or "dot com") to promote My Push Button Profits. Then, just use our landing pages on your domain OR make your own review pages containing your affiliate link inside. One of the key reasons to get your own domain is because search engines like Google only allow one unique domain for a keyword. With your own domain, this rule will not limit you. Now, you are guaranteed to get an ad placement and thus traffic!
Then they have a fake counter, counting down how many products are left, to give you a false sense of urgency so that you’ll buy their product without thinking about it for too long.  But even though they behave as though they are selling out of products incredibly fast, if you try to click away from their page they will give you My Push Button Profits for only $37 instead of $77.
For that matter, every affiliate for Traffic Authority is meant to be buying this traffic. Most will then use it to try and get sales. This means that the same general audience will probably be getting similar pitches over and over again. That pattern dramatically reduces the odds that you’ll make sales. Honestly, the potential was never very high to begin with.

Pushbutton profits is a total ripoff. I got in and bought a package. I had 2 emails telling me I had earned 10 dollars. I never saw that 20 dollars. Its all about them getting your money. They say all the work is done for you. Sounds so simple and it is simple.They take your money and you don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch your money disappear. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

This is where you will be making a lot more money by getting your own domain (or "dot com") to promote My Push Button Profits. Then, just use our landing pages on your domain OR make your own review pages containing your affiliate link inside. One of the key reasons to get your own domain is because search engines like Google only allow one unique domain for a keyword. With your own domain, this rule will not limit you. Now, you are guaranteed to get an ad placement and thus traffic!
I started this website because I enjoy looking for ways to make money online. I learned from researching online that finding the right business is like finding the right ONE. We don’t want NO lying, NO cheating and NO up-sells. These businesses are always wanting you to join their business. Just like any first date, the business should fork the bill. What I mean is that there should be a free version. Stay safe, keep your money in the bank and don’t be too easy.
My Push Button Profits says that they are selling their business opportunity to just 200 people for $77, for a limited time.  For $77, you will receive 10 websites that can be set up by you – with no computer experience necessary – in five minutes.  These websites will sell a variety of products chosen by you, and all products are digital, so that there is no need for you to deliver anything to anyone or to be responsible for any merchandise.
Hi there my name is Maria and I just wanted to shoot a testimonial for Misha Wilson and his accelerated Results mentors training program.  I’ve been trying to make money online for about 3 months now and haven’t had any success so I signed up for Elite Marketing Pro with Misha and got signed up for his accelerated results mentorship course at the same time about 2 weeks ago.  And 3 days later misha  got on skype and gave me an hour long business consultation that was tremendous.  He gave me a lot of helpful information and was very nice.  And more importantly after following his advice I’ve made 3 elite marketing pro sales to earn my firest $360 in commissions and I’m definitely gonna keep doing what Misha says because I’m totally excited to move forward.  Thanks for your help Misha.

I was truly hoping to start this system at hope to help me earn some extra money to send my son to collage without him having to take all kinds student loans. I paid the $47 dollars to start. What a joke!!!!!they send you a link to get started and when you go to that link, its just more paid advertising. There was no link to "All ready a member" I'm so disappointed in all these people that sell FALSE hope to people that REALLY need the extra help. So YES this is a TOTAL SCAM